A Splash Page for Good

Geeks for Good

From now until January 2, the Geek Girls are donating our homepage to a good cause. What good cause? You decide. We’re each donating to non-profits that are close to our hearts and just want to encourage others to consider donating time or money as well. Lots of people are going through hard times, so during this time when we’re all giving and receiving, remember to also give to those that are in need. If nothing else, hug your loved ones extra-tight and be thankful for what you have.

Pay it Forward

Consider making donations to non-profits you are interested in. Here are a few we like, but there are a bajillion other worthy causes out there.

  • Give 5 a campaign by the United Way to get small donations to make a big impact all over Minnesota.
  • The Saint Paul Foundation is a well-respected Minnesota non-profit that focuses on Minnesota and the Twin Cities. [full disclosure: the foundation is a client of Clockwork, our employer]
  • MinnPost a non-profit dedicated to providing high-quality journalism focused on Minnesota issues. [full disclosure: MinnPost is a client of Clockwork, too]
  • Intermedia Arts a Minneapolis arts and literary non-profit that’s in real trouble right now. Help ’em out if you can.

Splash Your Own Page

Get the code at Clockwork‘s website.

Happy Holidays. We look forward to geeking out with you in 2009.