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Podcast #28: Facebook Mail & Personal Branding

posted on 12/3/10 by Geek Girls

In podcast #28 we discuss Facebook Messages (coming soon to a Facebook near you). In addition, we talk about the concept of your personal brand: what that means, and how to manage online content about yourself.

Also, Cheryl Tiegs.

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Podcast #29: Geek of the Week - Jodi Chromey

posted on 12/27/10 by Geek Girls

This week's Geek of the Week, supergenius Jodi Chromey, stops by the studio for a choreographed 'Pinky Tuscadero hand jive' with Nancy and to chat about her career as a writer.  Jodi initially claimed to be more "nerd" than "geek", but after talking about her former life as a tech writer and then admitting to her love of Fonzie, her past blogs about Dawson's Creek and cataloging her Sweet Valley High books as a child, it became obvious that we had chosen a true geek.

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