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Podcast #30: MIMA Recap

posted on 1/25/11 by Geek Girls

In our 30th podcast, we discuss the process behind our presentations, focusing on our recent speaking gig at MIMA where we spoke on the subject of Cultivating a User-Centered Culture. If you attended the event, you may have been asking yourself, "Why has the projector been displaying nothing but the color blue for the past 15 minutes?" or "Why are Meghan's shoes filled with snow?" Well, look no further. For the love of Bieber, we will answer those questions, plus many more.

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SXSW: It's Official!

posted on 1/27/11 by Meghan Wilker

It's official! Geek Girls Guide will not be speaking at SXSW.

We submitted a panel on Creating a User-Centered Culture and, while it made it through the first round of judging and was well-received during PanelPicker voting (it's still listed on the trending topics page!, we didn't make the final cut.

So, why bother blogging about it?

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