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In our weekly (okay...sometimes semi-weekly) podcast, we talk about current tech issues, answer reader questions, and conduct interviews with other geeks. You can subscribe to our podcast via iTunes, listen online, or download an mp3. If you have a question or topic you'd like us to consider, please let us know!

Podcast #51: Amanda Costello

posted on 7/11/14 by Geek Girls

In podcast #51, Amanda Costello stops by to discuss her role with Minnewebcon and how she got her start as a content strategist.

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Podcast #50: Hate On Me

posted on 5/12/14 by Geek Girls

We’ve all clicked on the comment section to a blog, video or news article and immediately regretted it. That, or we’ve read each trolling comment like rubberneckers spying an accident on the freeway. Either way, internet trolls seem to be here to stay. 

In podcast #50, Sally McGraw joins us to discuss her work and share her experiences with trolling and online abuse. 

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Podcast #49: Social Fitness

posted on 2/1/13 by Geek Girls

Carol Cantwell is the founder of Fun With Financials, a company that teaches non-profit organizations practices that support informed financial decisions. She's also a recent convert to exercise, specifically running. Carol popped by the studio (via Skype) this week to discuss some of the social fitness apps that helped her go from a person who could barely run a mile to someone who will be running the Boston Marathon in a few months.

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Podcast #48: Online Event Invitations

posted on 1/10/13 by Geek Girls

Facebook has destroyed online events. What began as a brilliant idea has morphed into the most ignorable feature on the Internet. If you're in a band, then chances are, hundreds of people have ignored the sweet event invite for your show next Tuesday at 11:00pm at that place they've never heard of. 

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Podcast #47: Kickstarter (featuring Jeremy Wilker)

posted on 7/30/12 by Geek Girls

It's been a while since we've had a guest on our podcast. This week, we talked with Jeremy Wilker about Kickstarter projects. 

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Podcast #46: Q&A with the Geek Girls! Girls! Girls!

posted on 6/29/12 by Geek Girls

Take a ride on the wildside with us as we answer questions sent in by our listeners. 

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Podcast #45: The No-Fluff Podcast

posted on 5/11/12 by Geek Girls

We may not always have an agenda filled with bullet points when we sit down to record these podcasts, but we generally will have a few ideas in our heads when we hit the record button. Not this time…

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Podcast #44: Q&A

posted on 4/9/12 by Geek Girls

44 is the magic number! In our 44th podcast we talk a bit more about our appearance at SMBMSP #44 and spend some time answering the questions that people asked that day via Twitter. Please contain your excitement.

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Podcast #43: The De-Hype Machine

posted on 3/27/12 by Geek Girls

Two podcasts in two weeks? That's right! Our "weekly" podcast is dropping the quotation marks for now, which, according to a new study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, could mean we are "socially disruptive narcissists". 

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Podcast #42: Checking In

posted on 3/16/12 by Geek Girls

Location-aware technology is blowin' up these days, which will inevitably lead to another wave of privacy concerns. As a user, it's up to you to learn what messages each of them will send out to the world. Don't be surprised when you go out for the night and your phone finds your friends before you do.

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