Podcast #42: Checking In

Location-aware technology is blowin’ up these days, which will inevitably lead to another wave of privacy concerns. As a user, it’s up to you to learn what messages each of them will send out to the world. Don’t be surprised when you go out for the night and your phone finds your friends before you do.

P.S. What are you doing the morning of Friday, March 30th? Join us for some bacon and coffee while we discuss our new book, Interactive Project Management at Social Media Breakfast MSP! Buy tickets here. UPDATE: The event is sold out, but you can still get on the waiting list!

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Foursquare and the Mystery of Meghan’s 5k Badge

  • OMG, I ran a 5k!: Ms. Whitney Shaw, one of our Geek Girls Guide crew members, kicked ass at a 5k. Give her some love!
  • Foursquare 5k badge: Meghan wondered about a mysterious 5k badge she earned. This article cleared up the mystery: she apparently hooked up RunKeeper with Foursquare and then forgot about it. See, kids?! You gotta keep track of what you’re sharing.