Podcast #44: Q&A

We had planned on talking about Klout and social media influence scores, but that’s gonna have to wait until next time. Don’t cry. We promise we’ll get to it.

44 is the magic number! In our 44th podcast we expand on our interview at SMBMSP, and answer some of the questions we were asked via Twitter. You can watch the whole interview video with Mykl Roventine below!

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SMBMSP #44 Questions

@quick13: you have talked about agency side but what about managing interactive projects in diff culture of big corporations?

@amandaesque: Q: how can interactive PM be recognized in change-averse orgs? (or where change is verrrry slow)

@rasherman: Can’t wait to read book. Wonder if you considered making it interactive w/ video & animate?

@bridgetmonroe: would love to hear about the “process” part of the book title and how digital process is being improved/refined.

@mickivail: So, any way to back-pedal? @smbmsp #question RT @annikahanson: Biggest mistake agencies make is committing to estimate in proposal #smbmsp44

@jimmesick: Question: have some of your projects failed? If yes, why?

@clewisopdahl: Have you worked on a #digital project that never took off?

@kristinlenander: Tips for finding the job, office and coworkers as awesome as #clockwork? I hope you realize how luck you are!