Writing Your Online Bio by Gini Dietrich

The following post was authored by our friend, PR professional, and social media guru Gini Dietrich, Chief Executive of Arment Dietrich Public Relations and the author of and the BFF’s Beauty Bag Blog:

Hey, geeky readers!  One of you asked the question, “are there tips for writing your online bio?” and Nancy and Meghan asked me if I’d give you tips for doing just that.

If you’re using social media to market yourself, your business, or your career online, it is pertinent your online bio be engaging and informative.  This is hard to do, especially on Twitter where your bio is limited to 160 characters, but it is possible.

This is my Twitter bio:
CEO of Arment Dietrich. Author of Creator of BFF Beauty Bag. Vistage member. Avid cyclist. A foodie. Lover of shoes and wine.

You’ll see I’ve included my career, the two blogs I write (both business and personal), my personal interests, and that I’m a Vistage member because I want to connect with other members across the globe. 

Think of it as if you’re introducing everything interesting about yourself in less than 10 seconds. What do you want people to know about you the first time you speak to them?  How can you engage with them about your profession, but also as a person?  What can you say about yourself in your online bio that intrigues a person to want to learn more?

If someone follows me on Twitter and I don’t follow them back, it’s usually one of three reasons: 1) They don’t have a photo as their avatar; 2) Their bio says something self-serving; or 3) They don’t have a bio at all.

When I say their bio is self-serving, an example is, “I’m looking for new friends; DM me!” or “I work at company X and I want to make new friends so I can leave my job.” You’d be surprised – these are real examples!  And, as a business owner, a reason someone would be fired if I found that second one as their bio.  Leave the negativity and derogatory statements at the door.  Think of this as your own personal billboard; what do you want people to know about you every time they drive past your billboard?

Go ahead. Write your bio.  See what works and change what doesn’t work.  You’ll find the right mix…and then you’ll change it up every once in a while to engage with different groups of people.

Gini Dietrich is the founder and chief executive officer of Arment Dietrich, Inc., a public relations firm she built on three key values: Client service, results, and entrepreneurial spirit.